Monday, January 05, 2009

Monday Bullets

  • My brain is toast so these will be disjointed.
  • Critterbit is now better known as "Bad Idea Kitty." She continually has bad ideas. I had a kitty much like this 20 years ago who got run over by a car. He would chase anything. I'm keeping BIK in the house as much as possible. I've too much emotional energy invested to have her squashed.
  • The kids are off to school and I'm on my second cup of coffee. I forget how much "alone time" I truly need. I suppose that makes me partially an introvert.
  • I'm looking forward to dinner with the Bishop on Wednesday -- not my OWN Bishop, but Bishop Schnase of MO. More details later.
  • I did some Second Life networking yesterday. I'm not as into the building of things anymore or gaming -- it's more like a glorified Chat for me right now. I just don't have time.
  • I've still got the remains of a cold. I wish it would go away.
  • The next project on my own "Personal Home Improvement" show -- I want to strip off some wallpaper and I don't want to use toxic chemicals. I am going to try the fabric softener trick. The wall in the kitchen near the fireplace - I want to paint with blackboard paint. I don't think I need to use a lot of blackboard paint; I think too much would make for a gloomy room. But I am wondering about painting the entire powder room with it and providing chalk.... Hmm....
  • Also on the Home Improvement front -- not having boxes of books in the Living Room charges my batteries. Never again, I say, never again will I let the books take over. I have a small table set up in the garage and I am going to sort books out there, making room as I go.And then -- Chaos is all about a Dojang in the garage.
  • And Chaos is losing some weight -- necessary as she is a few pounds overweight. She's starting to show definite muscle definition. As she reduces body fat, I can see more and more muscle. She's really wanting a Wavemaster XXL, a stationary bike and an elliptical. Why don't they come in pink?
  • Entropy is quiet. She loves her Wii -- she received several games this Christmas. She likes her re-decorated room. We are still waiting on curtains. She's not as outspoken in some ways as Chaos. I'm sure it will come in time. She wants dance lessons, but the local studio is not starting new classes right now -- I'm sure it's tied to the economy.
  • In fact, the Karate studio, the music studio and the dance studio are WAY down on enrollment because of the economy. Wave after wave of this recession hit, taking out more and different businesses. Where is the recovery from this?
  • One of the major reasons I'm skipping the Congress on Evangelism (except for Wednesday night) is economic -- it would be around $500 for a room and registration. Then there is food and gas and parking and other incidentals. I figured at least $800 for the COE. Frankly, we need an outbuilding in the backyard more than I need to attend the COE. And Entropy wants a dog and we don't have a fence. We need to purchase a fence before we get the dog...
  • And the septic tank needs work today. It's not to the "Gross! Ew!" stage yet, but I'm not going to let it get there. And I need a new tire on the Expedition. And there is some necessary clothing purchases for myself and the girls this week -- So there it is. The $800 the COE would have cost me (plus lots more.)
  • The septic tank is going to cost ... a lot. A whole lot. Especially seeing that they cut both the phone line and the cable digging it up. I'm pirating internet and watching DS9 on DVD. Season 3, to be specific. There's not a whole lot you can do without using the septic system, the phone system, the internet or the cable. I've sorted stuff, but can't do the laundry. I've wiped the counters down, but can't do the dishes. I can fold clothes that are finished while watching ... DS9, not HGTV. First day I get to "do mommy stuff" and I'm thwarted by the vagarities of life. I think I'll stop pirating cable now.
  • There is grace found in ordinary things. There is a lot of grace in slowing down. I get a lot out of just sitting in prayer and holding a sleepy kitten. Why do I keep forgetting this?

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