Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Second Day

Yesterday was momentous. It was both our first day of homeschooling and the inauguration of the first African American President. Yes, a landmark day. For us, the landmark of homeschool was probably more momentous, I hate to admit.

I am concerned about my childrens' education. I was shocked to find out that they didn't know wo Gerald Ford was -- much less Herbert Hoover. I suppose it's not a horrible thing to not know Ford or Hoover, but it shows the holes in their education.

Entropy was ranting and raving about how the school wants them to be "robots" that are programmed. Chaos and I have noted that the system wants them all to be contented cattle, milk cows and beef cattle to be "consumed" by the general public. That questions are not tolerated; nor is creativity.

And they have indeed been conditioned -- they had problems with self direction yesterday -- at one point Chaos just wanted me to tell her what to do -- it's easier than trying to do this on their own. And a certain amount of direction is good; but they must be the engine and they must unlearn that conditioning and find direction themselves.

I feel that my train has jumped track. This is NOT what I had planned for the future. However, it got the point that I had to do something or my childrens' spirits would be crushed. So here we are -- the second day. We will see how the day goes.

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