Friday, January 12, 2007

Anime and Theology

OK, the kids and my husband are watching Naruto, usually Japanese on YouTube. This is the opening song -- taken from the internet. Spelling errors are theirs.

Rocks by Hound Dog

Come On!
I Hurry As If I'm Being Chased
My Dried Chest Drives Me To Do So
Doing It For No One Else, And It Belongs To No One Else
Our Now Is...
Undo The Pain, Undo The Heart, And Undo The Shadow
Hold Your Breath And Cut Through The Darkness
Fighting And Loving Another...
...Will Never End. On The Way
I Wanna Rocks
Rocks To The Chest

So, I'm now watching too. It's OK -- it's not very complex and you can tell it's meant for teens and pre-teens, but it's holding my interest. The episode where Kakashi is teaching his little "group" of Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura on their first "mission" is an illustration about how different the Eastern mind can be. The group has to choose between obeying Kakashi or building the group. Kakashi tells them that if they choose to build the group, they will fail. They choose to build the group (by feeding Naruto, who is tied up to a post some rice.) Kakashi tells them that they pass -- by choosing the good of the team over individual good.

There are parallels in this and the story of the Fall -- Kakashi passes them, even though they should fail. God doesn't kill Adam and Eve, even though God told them that God would. It's an Eastern type of mind set -- another place where it's evident to this humble author that the Judeo/Christian ethos is basically an Eastern one.

Anyway, Neon Genesis Evangelion is probably deeper and more theological, but Naruto is OK.

Now to put on my Leaf Village Headband and watch more episodes. Should I wear it like Kakashi or Sakura? Hmmm.....

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