Saturday, January 20, 2007

Picture 12/365

Here's another picture from Simpsonwood: it's a small wooden outbuilding just outside the field chapel. It looks like it was a little tool shed or corn crib. I love the aged wood and the geometric shapes.

I have nothing theologically significant to say today. I did my prayer time, but spent more time listening rather than being in a structured prayer. I'm just not into words today.

I've cleaned somethings, picked up some things and just done some concentrated nothing. School starts bright and early on Monday morning and I have a report due (that I really haven't written out.) Tuesday I start classes at Emory -- I'm only taking two on TTh officially on the Candler campus, Teaching Parish is in Covington on alternate Mondays for a few weeks and then I do two Friday/Saturdays a month out of town: one in Greenville for 4 Saturdays and one in Due West at Erskine for 3 Friday/Saturdays. Complicated schedule, but I like doing a class for 8 solid hours -- and only 4 sessions. Sort of the 'get it over with' thing. If all goes well, graduation is in May -- then a year of CPE and preparing ordination papers, then who knows? PhD programs? Parish? More CPE? I really like CPE; in fact I would love to be in a CPE program at this very minute.

More decisions.

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