Monday, January 22, 2007

Picture 15/365

School Dayz -- the Winter Edition. This is the eagle out in front of Candler's Pitt's library (or out the back, depending on how you look at it. It's back to school for the Rev Mommy and I am getting all my bits and pieces in order. I have 5 folders -- one for each class, for handouts (not notes -- who takes notes with pen and paper anymore!), in appropriate colors (known only to me: Green for BioMedical Ethics, Light Green for Ethics, Red for Wesleyan Theology, Purple for Theology of the Sacraments and yellow for Teaching Parish.) I've received all the syllabi, entered them into a Wiki (using VooDoo Pad), created my readings spreadsheet (to keep track of what I need to read and when), created a spreadsheet for keeping track of all the 25 books I have ordered, created a spreadsheet for the family to know where to go, when, and with whom. I've started three papers already and I want to stay ahead of the power curve this semester.

School! The place I either hate to love or love to hate.

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