Thursday, January 18, 2007

Picture 8/365

I'm still putting away Christmas decorations. This is an angel I made for our tree many years ago out of a clothespin, a crocheted doily, some sliver ribbon, chenille yarn and a wooden bead.

I’m taking my time putting away the decorations, sorting them into new plastic shoeboxes and setting a large quantity aside to give away. I’ve accumulated quite a number, but so few of them really carry sentimental meaning. Real value is not necessarily monetary but is imbued by relationship: the cat ornament that my friend Cindy gave me the first year Bill and I were married, the silver snowflake that was on my Grandmother’s tree, and of course, all the ornaments with the girls' pictures on it.

The rest I am packing in nice shoeboxes to store in the garage until August or so – Goodwill and Salvation Army don’t want them until then. I’ll set them aside so that another can use it. Hoarding things is a sin – pure and simple. There was someone who wrote in a book (now isn’t that specific!) that all we need is enough and that one dollar over enough makes us wealthy – and that we need to share that wealth with those who have to live without enough.

Where else in my life do I have enough? And I how can I share that bounty that I have been given that is over enough?

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