Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I'm Irritated in the Extreme

I am stating now that I will probably never ever shop at Target again and I would encourage you to do the same.

First there was the "you can't charge that much on anything but a Target charge card."

Then there was "we don't allow Salvation Army bellringers."

But now, my eldest tried to return a Christmas present of more than two items -- and couldn't. The person purchasing the present didn't realize that you couldn't return more than two items PER YEAR without a receipt. Period. End of discussion.

They can keep their merchandise. I will no longer be shopping there. Immediately next to the local Target are several other stores that WILL allow more than $200 on a Mastercard, that WILL allow Salvation Army bellringers, that WILL allow the return of more than two items per year without a receipt.

I bet they don't practice the Fair Trade stuff either.

I encourage any and all of you to call Target or email them or Clark Howard about this. I have and I may do it again tomorrow.

These measures make me angry. I bet they don't allow Girl Scouts to sell cookies either so they can sell more of their "Target Brand cookies."


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