Wednesday, January 31, 2007

OK, confession time

I suppose I'm making life more complicated than it has to be because I'm auditing an additional class (so that makes like 17 semester hours). It's the ONE class I really wanted to take -- it's Dr. Salier's last class at Candler (Theology of the Liturgy) -- a seminar class and I am just going to sit in and listen (no papers or whatnot, just reading what I can on top of all the other and listening).

And I am reminded of the true nature of a University Degree. It's all about the passion for a topic and the desire for learning. Originally, the Degree was just a piece of paper saying you had mastery over the topic. Our grading systems and writing of papers was unheard of, really.

I will use the time wisely, though and absorb what I can for use in other classes. I think of it as cross-pollination. It will segue nicely into the "Theology of Sacraments" class that I am taking. Dr. Salier's in more into the Meta-theology, the grammer and language that Theology lends us to speak of these things -- the Theology of the Sacraments will be much more nitty-gritty (and probably mucho easier.) I think my problem with the second class is that I will OVER think everything.

So I'm taking a class for recreational purposes. This is PROOF that I am a nerd.

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