Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Picture 6/365

I love my Advent wreath. I made the candle holders out of glasses I bought one Thanksgiving and some flattened marbles. I keep meaning to grout between the marbles, but I've grown used to the way they look. A lot of the glass factories in WVa will send the flawed and broken pieces of whatever they are making and the cullet to marble companies and they, in turn, will turn the broken bits into marbles. Well, even some of the marbles don't make it -- these are those marbles. Twice recycled, now repurposed into candle holders that I use as we wait for the birth of the one who redeems.

Redemption. Beautiful. I think I'll keep using the Advent wreath for a while -- I'm still in that Christmas mood.

*note: I did remove the greenery -- it was getting really crispy and I was afraid of a fire. I'm not ready for Pentecost yet.

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