Friday, September 19, 2008

Beautiful downtown Lexington, Georgia. The small Barbeque place belongs to a parishioner. They are only open on Saturday. There are several small shops, including a wonderful antique shop. There is a couple of storefronts for sale or rent. All three schools are just down the road a bit -- almost half way to Crawford, Georgia. I didn't get a picture of the County Courthouse. I'll get that next time.

Lexington Presbyterian is the old Beth-Salem Presbyterian church. It is quite old. It was founded in 1785 (which is later than I would have thought) and there were many prominent Georgians who helped charter the church.

This is the church building proper. It is quite old. I wish I could have maneuvered to eliminate the power lines from the shot! Each of the old towers is a slightly different elevation and design. I am sure there is a story behind that.

Directly across the street and next to the Baptist Church where I conducted a funeral yesterday is this small white framed building. It is the original building of Columbia Seminary.

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