Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Long Day and Pictures

It has been a long day ... long week, actually. I have spent quite a bit of time in Lexington this week. I love small southern towns -- I have fallen in love time and again with little towns; Oxford GA, Due West SC, Abbeville SC, Madison GA, Carlton GA and now Lexington GA. Here for your pleasure are a few pictures.

This is Highway 77 from Lexington to Enterprise -- almost at Vesta. This shows you the beautiful low rolling hills; the enduring hills of Georgia. This road does not have the large trees that are along many of the roads in Oglethorpe county. When their large limbs stretch over the road and intertwine with the limbs of the trees across the road, it feels like an embrace. The land is beautiful -- it's a soft feel to the land; there are no harsh protruding rocks, no abrupt cliffs -- just the gentle rolling hills. It is part of what I love so much about Georgia. If you will notice, you will see some ragweed and Margarite on the side of the road. This is our fall allergy season. The pollen is bad -- but not nearly as bad as springtime.

Here is a old homestead directly off Church Street in Lexington. There is a large pile of reclaimed brick in front of the house. The house is gray and weathered -- the tin roof is rusted. In the next picture, you will notice that it's been "papered" with that siding that was so popular around the depression. I believe it's an asbestos siding in a yellow "brick" pattern.

If you were to look closely, under the siding there is a pattern. I am convinced that this building is a log cabin that has been covered up long ago with siding. The shape of the house is about right; this part of Lexington was built in the 1820's. Can you see the kitty cat? And what is in their side yard?

A pile of timbers. They aren't cut right for a log structure; rather it looks like the mortise and tenon of an old timber framed building. You can still see the peg-holes. Maybe they came from the same building the brick was salvaged from. I wonder if they want to get rid of them? Maybe I can give them a home... or rather build a part of a home out of them.

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