Thursday, September 11, 2008


  • Today is the 7th anniversary of 9/11. What can I say? What can any of us say?
  • Still working on Charge Conference Paperwork. The Charge Conference is tonight at 7:00 and then it will all be over.
  • Here are some beautiful pictures of a merging between "Dovetailed" log cabin design and a timber framed system. I want the support for the Log Cabin's roof (and the garage, for that matter) to be timber framing. I love the look of the timber framing, stone and dovetailed logs all together.
  • From Dirt to Done has done a project (log cabin even!) with Spancrete for a garage floor.
  • The concrete floors will be stained and sealed. There is zero wear and tear on a floor like this under normal circumstances. And they look like natural stone. Absolutely beautiful.
  • In front of the gigantic window that will be the Garage door, I am going to install hospital curtain track and very large curtains. I will probably put the tracking in the ceiling as well, to make "cubicles." Most of these will be a quarter of the main space. The floor will be blocked off into four quarters and the floor will be stained a different color -- red, green, blue and gold. Each quadrant will have a different purpose: stained glass, sewing, drafting and lounging (with a nice big plasma TV). The cubicle curtains will be a dark gray that is complementary to the color I am staining the logs and the chinking color.
  • I want to finish building my theremin this weekend. The world's best birthday present would be a Moog Etherwave, if anyone is interested.
  • There are a record number of people in Georgia, if not unemployed that are "under-employed." I know of so many who have lost their job this last month. And so many more who have having difficulties making ends meet.
  • Eight percent of Georgia homeowners are behind in their mortgage payment. Eight percent -- that is a lot. There has been a 16 percent drop in home sales. That means that anyone with the construction industry is hurting; the suppliers, the builders, the contractors, the plumbers, the electricians, the stone industry. It's a lot of people.
  • I need to lose weight. I think I'm going to be pretty extreme in looking at exactly what I am eating and cut back. I have been doing the karate thing and I could tell last night that I have much more muscle than I've had in the recent past -- now I need to do more of the portion control. I still look like a meatball -- but I'm now a leaner, meaner meatball.
  • I am so addicted to Pink Grapefruit Fruit Naturals. I don't think those are all bad. I am also so very addicted to Lindt Excellence. Each square is about 55 calories. And coffee. Just any kind of coffee. Maybe I'll go on the Grapefruit-Chocolate-Coffee diet.
  • The school schedule has been hard this year -- having one to catch the bus at 6:30 and the other the bus at 8:30 is OK -- it's the getting up so early after my little night owls don't go to bed until midnight. We are all running on sleep deprivation.
  • Sleep deprivation causes weight gain. Lovely. I think I'll eat some chocolate (one square = 55 calories, portion control!)

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