Sunday, September 28, 2008

Georgia is Dry?

I've been told that Oglethorpe County has no gas. It seems that the Ga/Alabama game has wiped out Athens, as well.

On the radio, I heard that out of 111 gas stations polled, only 28 had a little bit of gas -- most of those were running out. The I-85 corridor is dry, the I-75 corridor is dry, the I-20 corridor is dry. Hwy 78 has no gas.

I've a 150 mile commute today, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I need 8 gallons a trip. I need 32 gallons give or take for the week if I drive my car -- the husband's will take about 20. I wonder what I will do? Perhaps we will have an unplanned "vacation."

I think I will tell the churches that if school is canceled because of lack of gas, then all church activities are canceled....

What's the theology in this? Something to muse.

P.S. I will NOT be mentioning the game today. Seems the Bulldogs were out of gas, too.

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