Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Pictures of the Baptism -- Party

After church and after the baptism, we went to a parishioner's house that was just down the road. We had a great time. The food was wonderful and there was plenty of entertainment. He owns a fleet of ATVs. Here is the Loving Husband doubling up with Entropy. Note that Entropy brought a change of clothing, but my Husband is still wearing his wingtip shoes and his Spongebob tie.

Chaos driving....

Swap seats... they spent hours just driving around the property, exploring. I can see how these vehicles are really handy for larger farms.

There were an amazing number of hummingbirds -- a "swarm" of hummingbirds. There were close to 50 at one point -- about 4 to 6 at each of 10 hummingbird feeders. As well as bees -- they are also beekeepers. Their bees are not doing so well. They have lost about half their hives this year, probably from Colony Collapse Disorder. I discovered that it is very difficult to get pictures of hummingbirds. If I was far enough away to get more than one bird, they became just little blurry dots. If I got in close enough, I could only get pictures of one at a time. They actually make a pretty loud buzz with that many of them.

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