Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Brief Endorsement for a Sponsor

I am currently drinking my second pot of Saint's Coffee. Mike Morrell and The Ooze probably sent me this back in July and I'm just now getting around to using it.

I wonder why I waited so long. I think maybe I thought it would be shabby goods. OK, I'm used to getting shabby stuff from "Mission type organizations" so that they can use the money for good works. I have been very pleasantly surprised that this coffee is most excellent. MOST excellent. It's not charred, it doesn't have that awful icky taste that moldy beans can get when they are roasted and ground. Lovely body and flavor. Very nice mouthfeel, mildly acidic with wonderful nutty overtones. I think I am going to order some medium roast and some light roast called "Toasted Coconut Cream".

They ship REAL pounds of coffee (16 and not 12 oz) and they have a unique air (or fluid) roast process.

So that's the coffee -- I also have to mention that it's Free-Trade, organic and part of the sustainable movement. In addition, Saint's Coffee donates a third of their profits to fighting world hunger; specifically providing food for hungry children.

I am feeling really good about this cup of coffee...

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