Monday, September 29, 2008

Home again, Home again, Jiggity Jog.

We got home yesterday after burning about a third of a tank of gas -- about 8 gallons. Every single gas station we passed was closed. There seems to be more gas in the mornings -- I guess the fuel trucks work through the night. The LH was able to pump 6 gallons into his car this morning, so we will be using his more fuel efficient car tonight to get to the revival.

Heard yesterday at church: "Those Bama fans! They stomp our Dawgs then they buy up all our gas!" I don't know what they were more upset about -- the football game or the lack of gasoline.

The radio today is reporting not traffic snarls and back ups, but rather where there is and is not any gas. There is still a tremendous lack of gasoline. So today will not be an errand day, per usual, but a stay at home day.

Funny -- last few weeks all I heard were complaints about the cost of gasoline. Now I think most people would pay whatever it took just to HAVE gasoline. It changes your perspective.

Between the economy, the drought that continues and the lack of gasoline, we are living in extremely anxious times.

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