Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sermon this Week: Need ideas from the interwebs

The lectionary (Matthew 21:23-32) this week explores concepts of power and authority -- and from whose authority Jesus acts. He contrasts his ministry with the Pharisees and poses them a question in a parable. What exactly are your intentions?

Are you saying "Yes, Lord" out of blind obedience and never really intending to fulfill your promises? Do you really MEAN to fulfill those promises but never really get around to it? Do you initally say, "No" and then change your mind.

Good intentions can get you in trouble -- our financial mess this week (year, decade) can be traced back to the late 1970's by some analysts and "Good intentions."
For those looking for a real start to today's financial meltdown and government rescue, you need to go back — way back — to 1977, and the Jimmy Carter presidency.

It was then, for the best and purest of reasons, that well-meaning Democratic members of Congress brought the Community Reinvestment Act into being.

The main idea, as the late Democratic Sen. William Proxmire said on the Senate floor in 1977, was "to eliminate the practice of redlining by lending institutions."
From here.

How else can our gospel be tied to the current events?

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