Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Anger is my Enemy

Eternal God of the Elements,
Anger is my enemy.

The Anger that lives within me
Is a raging, hot demon
                                     Dark, Hot, Evil.

Like magma bubbling to the Earth’s surface
My anger bursts forth
Exploding into the atmosphere
Destroying everything it touches.

It destroys peace.
It destroys respect.
It destroys me.

It burns love up in a flash
Love of my children,
             Love of my Husband
                         Love of myself.

Eternal God of the Elements,
Transform my anger into the fire that burns and does not destroy.

The cleansing fire that burns so that
All that is left is that which is eternal and pure,
Refined over years or just minutes.
The bush of your Presence,
The silver of the cord which connects us
And the gold of the Word.

Eternal God of the Elements,
Anger is my enemy.


Paula said...

Yes, Lord, what reverend mommy said.. . .

steph said...

Excellent word picture today to remind me that it isn't anger, but passion, the passion of love I need my heart to be filled with.

Theresa Coleman said...

Thanks -- I'm working on "issues" this week -- internally, not verbalizing to my husband/family much. I'm going to let it develop for a while longer. Pray about it.