Sunday, January 02, 2005


Will be another 12 hour day at church -- or rather, more like 13. 8:30 service, 9:45 Sunday School, 11:00 service, Break to go to lunch with some members (ok, this isn't really *work*), 4:30 Christian Believer class, 7:00 Disciple I class -- wrap the day up at 9:30 pm. Long day.

Been thinking about words, the Word, the words "enough" and "resolution." What will I resolve to do this year? Still pondering. Thinking also about "spiritual discipline" and "calling." Will post when my brain can clear these thoughts and place them in some sort of order.

The Word speaks eternal, but my words drop to the ground and die. Some aren't even birthed, some aborted before they are spoken, some of my words are misspoken and cause pain and suffering and misunderstanding.

Been thinking about words of humor -- and wondering why I can't be "upbeat" here. Maybe it's because I have to be "upbeat" everywhere else -- I wear my "pastor" mask. I remember an article that Will Willimon wrote about that in that book "Pastor." Maybe I'll dig through the books and find it.

Off the the salt mines -- where I *will* encounter the salt of the earth..... =o)

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not perfection said...

I pray you did find the salt. No one could claim that a Sunday lunch with congregants isn't a "working" lunch; I suppose that depends on your relationships with those members. I thank God for the work you do.

I, on the other hand, took the day off from church AND from a group meeting this morning at 7:30 to spend time with my wife and daughters. It was better, more meaningful time than even Christmas day, praise Him.