Saturday, January 08, 2005

Time to Make the Donuts

I just ran by the church (a habit of mine) and picked up a bulletin. We had a very busy day -- my eldest is now 11 years old. I had planned a party, sorta at the last minute. Well, actually, I conflated two different events. I looked on my calendar and saw the word "Bowling." When I was with my very non-traditional ladies group (we call ourselves the YHWH Sisterhood and our signature is wear fur collars -- I am sworn to secrecy, I cannot tell you why) I would think "Great, Bowling at 3:00." When talking to my daughter I would think "Great, Bowling at 3:00." It did not occur to me until Thursday that they were two different things that I meant by the one word "Bowling" in my calendar.

So, I reserved 4 lanes and ran with it. We had a blast. Birthday cake and fur collars. Wonderful. Ministry and family. After the first hour, the two groups mixed and mingled. A paradigm for my life.

Anyway, because we are so completely organized (ha!), I didn't have the foggest idea what I was doing in worship tomorrow until I read the bulletin a few minutes ago. It lists our retired minister as doing the pastoral prayer at the 8:30 service. Well.... he's out of town. Ok, I'll do it. It lists our ministry intern at leading the Prayer of Dedication. Well... we haven't heard from him since Christmas Eve. Ok, I'll do it, if he doesn't show. It list the 9 baptisms -- Well... the font is now at the back of the Sanctuary, where it's in the path as you enter. Well... OK. Time to figure it all out. Time to write a pastoral prayer and a prayer of dedication... related to baptism. Ok. Oh yeah, and it's my turn to get the donuts. Time to make the .... wait a minute. I'll get get take-out on that. Time to let Krispy Kreme make to donuts. Yeah.

Mmmm... donuts.


reverendmother said...

Donuts. Is there anything they can't do? --Homer, from the Best-Episode-Ever, the monorail episode.

My head of staff is out of town, and the parish associates are not available, so I'm doing the whole dang show (except lay reader) for two services, plus I begin teaching a Sunday School class tomorrow between services. We also have a Saturday night service, which at least is under my belt at this point.

And I'm scratchy throat all week. Tomorrow afternoon=nap. And blog, hopefully. It starts to nudge at me if it's been more than a few days. Which is good, otherwise I'd never get any writing done.

Jan said...

I'd say that you at least have inclinations toward organization if you habitually run by the church on Saturdays to pick up a bulletin. If it had been me, I probably wouldn't have made those discoveries until Sunday morning! Of course, that isn't a problem for me at the time, since I am actually the one who plans the service and types the bulletin.

Anyone who jokes about preacher working only 1 hour a week ought to take a look at the job description. You know, the one that includes bringing the donuts . . .

Thicket Dweller said...

Oooh. Donuts. There's nothing like a chocolate glazed Krispy Kreme. Sinful. Hey, wait. Are donuts allowed in church?

Theresa Coleman said...

Actually, in the church, there are committees that are completely fueled by the communion of donuts and coffee. Off for another 14 hour Sunday. At least I have the donuts to look forward to.

Unknown said...

Oh, the Monorail episode. We were singing the Monorail song just the other day. I guess my other favorite is the one where Homer is sent off to do mission work. (A missionary? I don't even believe in Jebus!!)

Like Preacher Mom, I plan the whole thing myself, but here's something funny: sometimes I forget what I had planned! So much for organization. There's nothing like reading the bulletin during the prelude and remembering you forgot something. :-)

The only thing wrong with Maine, by the way, is no Krispy Kreme shops.