Monday, January 17, 2005

Long Day Yesterday

Long day -- 3 worship service, Sunday School, two 2 1/2 hour Bible Studies. Tired. The Senior Pastor was out of town at a Preacher's Convention. The other associate was preaching. On Saturday night, I talked to him and he had not voice. We re-arranged the services to preserve what voice he had. He preached 7 minutes, 10 minutes and then 12 minutes. This led to short services, but we got through. There was loads of confusion about who was teaching what Sunday School (for the second week in a row) and I am taking the Bull by the Horns (which I do well, just call me bossy). New spreadsheet with all the information to be shared with all persons involved. Miscommunication is our largest problem around here.

By the end of the day, I had lost control of my 7:30 Bible Study -- our local funeral home director went into a story about an exhumation that "went bad." Enough to say it involved hip-waders and 3 body bags and Vicks Vapo-cream. It didn't really bother me too much -- actually it was hilarious, but I lost control of the class for a good 10 minutes.

Now I am at home with an ill child and ground in Cheerios in the rug, Mount McLaundry is ready to have a volcanic explosion in the laundry room, there are no clean dishes in the house and my elderly cat has "leaked" all over the sofa (too bad we don't have kitty Depends). My sick child wants ice cream for lunch. I'm going to let her.

I am so used to feeling like I'm losing control, that I am at peace with it. There is really beauty to letting go and letting it flow around me. I guess the secret is that I never had control in the first place.


reverendmother said...

Yes, I was just going to say--how much control do we really have over a Bible study either? :-)

We had a day like that too--two services, teaching Sunday School (Reformed Theology--heavy), and an annual meeting. Day off today, ahhh.

St. Casserole said...

I came home from worship and took a nap. Couldn't help it although I had things to do.
I'd help with your McLaundry if I lived closer. I do so much that ten more loads wouldn't make much difference. This is a serious offer. Want to UPS it to me?
Hope your child feels better soon. Ice cream for lunch makes a heart glad.