Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Craddock Report

The trip on Monday was indeed 2 plus hours up and 2 hours home. It would have been shorter if I had gone the back ways because there were horrible pile-ups on the Perimeter.

An aside: Some college students did an experiment in Atlanta -- the lined up cars across the Perimeter and went the speed limit. Look here and click on the "Meditation of the Week." Or try here.

Dr. Craddock somehow reminds me of the line "a jolly old elf" -- not because he looks like Santa, but because he definitely is jolly, round and has elfish features. He's just a tad taller than me, sharp nose, slightly pointed ears. However he exudes a certain something that demands attention, even though he would be the first to say that he speaks as one without authority.

The gist of the lecture: when preaching Lent, Holy Week and the death of Jesus, let each lection stand by itself. Look for it's unique voice. When using Luke, listen to Luke NOT Luke through the eyes of Paul. We are tempted to just jump directly to "I preach Christ crucified." Listen to each of the unique voices and discover them anew. Start with the text and stick to the text. Exegete THIS text without prooftexting and without using an hermenutic not found in that particular Gospel.

There were a couple of wonderful Craddock stories. I'll transcribe them later today.

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