Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Sermon

today went really well. Just the right length, well delivered (IMHO) and gave people something to think about. I've got to think about what was different. First off the top of my head is that I did NOT write it all out. No manuscript at all, just an outline that I rehearsed in my head many times, so that I went up with no papers in my hand.

Not carefully WRITTEN, but carefully PREPARED. It was John 3:16-21 -- not the easiest text, so I started by saying it wasn't an easy text. Honesty. And when I didn't have things exactly go smoothly (lighter was missing, so the acolyte was anxious) I decided to be a "non-anxious" presence. It felt good.

I was very clear with myself about both the focus and the function -- and didn't let myself get distracted by cool stories or illustrations. Stuck to the text and didn't bite off too much.

A good learning experience.

For the Table portion of the service, I went for delivery rather than accurate movements -- and it went smoothly as well. Although I missed the second elevation, I left out a phrase in the verba and a "blessed like a Bishop" it was good. I may chant next week. Or not. =o).

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