Monday, March 20, 2006

Deep conversation

A conversation on RLP’s chat in which you see what pastor/preacher types REALLY talk about Sunday night -- in which we wander around a lot and discuss disparate things, including bell towers, St. Casserole’s cats and we end up talking about the south-side of a north-bound moose.

[revstacey] 9:01 pm: wb rm
[revsparker] 9:01 pm: you safe?
[reverend mommy] 9:01 pm: Ok, I'm home
[reverend mommy] 9:01 pm: after locking 16 doors.
[revsparker] 9:01 pm: glad to hear it, rm
[reverend mommy] 9:01 pm: more than half the doors to the outside were left unlocked.
[enz] 9:02 pm: gah!
[revsparker] 9:02 pm: that is NOT good
[reverend mommy] 9:03 pm: You got it.
[reverend mommy] 9:04 pm: I want a cat for the church office.
[reverend mommy] 9:04 pm: That would be nice.
[reverend mommy] 9:04 pm: a church cat.
[revsparker] 9:04 pm: that would be cozy
[revsparker] 9:04 pm: and keep the rats out
[reverend mommy] 9:06 pm: Actually I have a friend whose church had rats, cats and bats.
[reverend mommy] 9:06 pm: someone introduced the cats to get rid of the bats and rats.
[revsparker] 9:07 pm: but bats are good
[reverend mommy] 9:07 pm: The cats didn't eat the rats or bats, just had lots and lots of kittens.
[revsparker] 9:07 pm: lovely
[reverend mommy] 9:07 pm: Bats poop in bell towers.
[spidey] 9:07 pm: lol
[reverend mommy] 9:07 pm: making a mess.
[Being Shielded] 9:07 pm: uh oh
[spidey] 9:07 pm: remind me not to go to that church
[reverend mommy] 9:07 pm: guano.
[revsparker] 9:07 pm: yes they do, but they also eat a lot of bugs
[reverend mommy] 9:08 pm: The rats infested the baptistry.
[revsparker] 9:08 pm: and how many people hang out in bell towers?
[revsparker] 9:08 pm: now THAT stinks
[reverend mommy] 9:08 pm: and chewed holes in the liner.
[Being Shielded] 9:08 pm: or in baptistries?
[reverend mommy] 9:08 pm: so that it leaked.
[revsparker] 9:08 pm: and is quite damp
[spidey] 9:08 pm: oh gee
[revsparker] 9:08 pm: i want a kitten...
[reverend mommy] 9:09 pm: and the cats were under the chancel area having kittens.
[revsparker] 9:09 pm: mew mew mew mew
[reverend mommy] 9:09 pm: She wanted to rename the church "my lady of cats, rats and bats."
[reverend mommy] 9:10 pm: She took a new appointment.
[revsparker] 9:10 pm: let us take a moment for silent prayer...mew mew mew mew mew mew
[Being Shielded] 9:10 pm: there's a book i read once about a cat in a cathedral...very nice until it made its way into a service
[reverend mommy] 9:10 pm: live traps for the cats, repaired the baptistry and eliminated the rats. Bats are still there.
[Being Shielded] 9:11 pm: the minister trod squarely on its tail and it yowled to high heaven
[spidey] 9:11 pm: lol
[revsparker] 9:11 pm: heh
[revsparker] 9:12 pm: we used to have a cat that would come to church
[spidey] 9:12 pm: has sent email, updated blog, and will now find dinner.
[reverend mommy] 9:12 pm: I want a church cat.
[reverend mommy] 9:12 pm: oooo... updated blog.
[Being Shielded] 9:12 pm: just a neutered one
[revsparker] 9:12 pm: today, at the beginning of the sermon, a small child said loudly, "Mommy, I have to go poop."
[spidey] 9:13 pm: LOL sparks
[enz] 9:14 pm: hey, could you get me one too?
[Being Shielded] 9:14 pm: i think they'd be like whistle and fish if i had cats in a church -- into everything!
[reverend mommy] 9:14 pm: We have a new group at church.
[reverend mommy] 9:14 pm: Called "party of one"
[reverend mommy] 9:14 pm: the initals are POO.
[reverend mommy] 9:14 pm: They are the Poo group.
[reverend mommy] 9:15 pm: "so you are single? Have you tried Poo?
[revsparker] 9:15 pm: heh
[reverend mommy] 9:15 pm: “Nice to meet you! You might want to try our Poo.”
[revsparker] 9:15 pm: our Poo group? group Poo?
[reverend mommy] 9:16 pm: So how did you respond to the Poop comment?
[reverend mommy] 9:16 pm: Yes! We have group Poo!
[revsparker] 9:16 pm: i just chuckled and preached on
[reverend mommy] 9:16 pm: We also have "Parents of Teens"
[revsparker] 9:17 pm: Pot and Poo!
[revsparker] 9:17 pm: they could meet together
[Being Shielded] 9:17 pm: any sweet smells coming from their room?
[revsparker] 9:17 pm: PooPot
[reverend mommy] 9:17 pm: and the "Agape Room" is now the "Love Shack"
[reverend mommy] 9:18 pm: "Love Shack, Baby, Love Shack!"
[Being Shielded] 9:18 pm: very progressive with the names there!
[revsparker] 9:18 pm: now that song is going to be stuck in my head
[enz] 9:19 pm: so when the Parents of teens have a party...
[Being Shielded] 9:19 pm: it's better than what has been stuck in my head == i'll go with it
[revsparker] 9:19 pm: my internship church was in Kensington, Ca
[reverend mommy] 9:19 pm: Yes?
[revsparker] 9:19 pm: they had always been the First Unitarian Church of Kensington
[revsparker] 9:19 pm: do NOT use the acronym
[Being Shielded] 9:20 pm: lord have mercy!
[reverend mommy] 9:20 pm: like (real name) the Methodist church in cumming, ga
[revsparker] 9:20 pm: they finally changed their name to the UU Church of Berkeley
[revsparker] 9:20 pm: even tho they were officially in Kensington
[reverend mommy] 9:20 pm: Cumming First United Methodist church.
[Being Shielded] 9:21 pm: nobody thinks when they name churches, do they?
[church nerd] 9:21 pm: this is where the party is, eh?
[enz] 9:22 pm: bye pirates. Party on!
[reverend mommy] 9:23 pm: I just re-read my sermon for tonight. It really did suck big hairy moose butt. Horrible sermon.
[church nerd] 9:23 pm: we're all allowed big hairy moose butt sucking sermons every now and then, revmommy
[reverend mommy] 9:23 pm: I will hope that there is grace in all this and SOMEONE got SOMETHING out of it.
[revsparker] 9:23 pm: good thing there's God, rm. amazing what people hear when the Spirit gets involved
[church nerd] 9:23 pm: it helps people appreciate the ones that are really good
[revsparker] 9:23 pm: that too, nerd
[reverend mommy] 9:24 pm: Thanks nerd. I can always be a BAD EXAMPLE.
[church nerd] 9:24 pm: i mean, if EVERY sermon you preached was amazingly worded and delivered... then how would they appreciate them??
[reverend mommy] 9:24 pm: The communion and healing part went OK.
[revsparker] 9:24 pm: i thought my sermon today was really disjointed
[revsparker] 9:24 pm: but i've been getting compliments on it all day
[reverend mommy] 9:24 pm: And the music was fabulous.
[church nerd] 9:25 pm: and, God spoke through the mouth of an ass! surely God can speak through the mouth of a hairy moose butt sucker
[church nerd] 9:25 pm: AND i've noticed that the sermons that i think are bad are usually the ones that get a lot of positive feedback from people
[reverend mommy] 9:25 pm: No misplaced modifiers, please. I am not hairy. The big moose butt is hairy.
[revsparker] 9:25 pm: i find the ones I think are good are usually too full of me
[reverend mommy] 9:26 pm: This was not full of anything. Of course the text was John 3:13-16.
[reverend mommy] 9:26 pm: Gah.
[church nerd] 9:26 pm: there was no intended implications of your hairiness, revmommy
[reverend mommy] 9:26 pm: Thank you nerd.
[church nerd] 9:26 pm: you're welcome
[revsparker] 9:26 pm: sucker of hairy moose butts?
[revsparker] 9:27 pm: it took me that long to figure out another way to say it
[reverend mommy] 9:27 pm: yuck! Put that way.....
[church nerd] 9:27 pm: to each their own, i suppose
[reverend mommy] 9:27 pm: Actually, I don't think i've ever even seen a moose butt in person.
[revstacey] 9:27 pm: I understood the sermon to be the sucker of hairy moose butts, not rm
[revsparker] 9:28 pm: tis true
[church nerd] 9:28 pm: yes, that was the way she put it. but we've twisted it. it's what we do best.
[revstacey] 9:28 pm: I have seen a moose butt. it was indeed big and hairy
[church nerd] 9:29 pm: i'm guessing most everything about a moose is big and hairy
[revsparker] 9:29 pm: they are impressively big, actually.

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