Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Since I am teaching a class tonight

on prayer and have been for the last few weeks, and since there have been comments in various and sundry different places about prayer in the Blogsphere this week, I'm going to use this as an opportunity to talk a little about prayer.

First thing I want to say:

Prayer should be intentional.

Sounds obvious? Well, by this I might mean something different that most people think. In our relationships with other people, like our spouse, we KNOW that taking time to have a "date" with the husband or wife gives us space and time to think and talk about important life issues. Getting away and leaving behind all the distractions. If you try to really communicate at the family dinner table or in the car getting the kids, the conversation seems to center on "did you get the laundry?" and "what was that check for $11.95 for?" Important, yes, but not deep and meaningful. Setting apart the time tells the other person "I think you are very important. I want to build our relationship."

We should do the same thing for God. Take space and time every single day. Do not answer the phone, email or the door. Turn off the radio. Center yourself and get ready to really communicate. Do NOT let it go by the wayside. Make your prayers honest -- and meaningfully communicate.

Questions for the blogsphere:
Do you do this? Do you want to? How do you go about it? Where? Do you feel guilt when you can/can't? Tell me about it.

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