Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Picture 253 (2007) or 5 (2008) of 365 -- Repurposing

Here is a slightly fuzzy picture of our "new" bow rack in the dining room. It is actually a bottle drying rack I've had floating around the garage for years. I received it when Chaos was a baby and it was, truly, very useful in it's day. I used it for years for both Chaos and Entropy. There are 7 tall pegs for the bottles and 6 smaller pegs for the "ring" and the nipple. Solid maple construction, for years it was beside the sink to hold the bottles as they were washed and the nipples were boiled and dried. When Entropy stopped taking a bottle, I moved it to the shelf in the garage to "give away" but each time I made a Goodwill bag, I hung on to it. I don't really know why -- it's just so nicely made that I thought I could do something with it.

My garage is full of stuff that I want to "do something with." I love to re-purpose and give new life to older objects. It appeals to the part of me that is "cheap" i.e. not wanting to spend money. It also appeals to me that an object that has been loved will still carry some sort of legacy. It may have to go through some transformations -- we actually had to drill holes in the bottle rack to use it as a bow rack, but now I have filled a need (it really isn't good for bows to be sat upon! Especially when you think that one of these bows was $795. Do not break the bows!) And by looking on it, I remember the times when they used bottles; I cherish that time. It's really a complete transformation of purpose -- the form is not changed much, but the use is radically changed.

It's redeeming; much as I have been redeemed. I too am being repurposed; and the purpose is not of my making, but I know that I will have a place in the household of God and I will be loved and maintain an ancient legacy. My form is not changed much (just a little older and plumper) but my use is being radically changed.

Metamorphosis involves a conspicuous and abrupt change -- and we think of physical metamorphoses. A butterfly emerging from a cocoon. But the deep metamorphosis that occurs as we pursue "holiness of heart and life" is so much more significant -- it is an aligning of our will with God's.

What is being repurposed in your life today?

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