Saturday, January 12, 2008

Random Announcement Type Posting

BTW, Gordon Atkinson from RealLivePreacher has been in parts far south -- he is in the Dominican Republic helping to install water purification systems at places like the Cure Hospital in Santo Domingo. Go and read. It's fascinating stuff.

John Carney has also done a trip like that -- to Bolivia. It seems that Gordon's trip is shaking out slightly differently. Both of these organizations are incredible. The need for clean water (a thing we take for granted) is so great in all these parts of the world.

Also, things in Second Life are getting very interesting. Sophianne (the Senior Pastor) of the Koinonia Congregational Church has received a very generous grant from the UCC. There are several of us who are going to take leadership -- Sophianne has set a sked. Of course, I don't have it here, but go check it out if you are on Second life. I'm going to be leading the Monday Morning Lectionary study -- 9:00 am SL time, which is Noon EST. This grant will allow guests speakers -- we are hoping for big names.

Sophianne is also in discussion with Day 1 -- they are now an official sponsor of Koinonia and we have received permission to use their podcasts as we would like. I think I will most definitely take advantage of that. So Monday at noon -- Lectionary study group in SL at Koinonia followed by a Day 1 Podcast. See you there!

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