Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Bullets

  • I've ordered choir music that will keep us busy through June, complete with listening CDs. I sure hope my order gets here today! (I'm excited!)
  • I've sold a total of 255 books since September on Amazon. I'm happy. Stuff reduction is progressing.
  • I still haven't finished putting up the Christmas stuff. I'm sorting it out and thinning. How did we ever get so much of it?
  • I'm doing the everyday chores -- there is a soothing rhythm to doing the everyday things. Laundry, dishes, sweeping, putting to order. There are days that I strain at it and days where it is soothing. I love the days where it soothes.
  • Johnny Cat is still quite a "kitten" (even at 7 months.) I had forgotten how destructive kittens can be. So far, in the bedroom prison, he's broken an extremely expensive glass ornament that commemorated the 100 anniversary of flight that we purchased at Kitty Hawk and a plate that was hanging on the wall. He's also been chewing on electrical cords, pouncing on the comforter and "picking" at it, playing with the toilet paper and pulling the wallpaper off in the bathroom. I did want new wallpaper ... someday. That day may be sooner rather than later. I'm trying to integrate him into the entire household. Grumpy Old Lady Cat really does not like him...
  • The LH and I are starting our karate lessons Friday night... and I'm timid. Yes, I can stand in front of hundreds of people and preach or sing. Not problem there, but I'm timid about karate. Go figure.
  • My current mental occupation -- I'm designing a little log cabin. I wonder why sometimes -- I think it's related to my "Theology of Space"-- I'm looking for a place to be a retreat. Maybe I'll post pictures.... Maybe not.
  • I'm contemplating SL (Second Life) and "virtual" sin. I've encountered many, many people in SL now who went to SL to do naughty things -- things they would never do in Real Life, knowing that they are sin. However, they have discovered that the virtual sin soils just like real sin. Something to think about. It makes me wonder "where" sin occurs -- the mind? the body? the soul? Any or all? It makes me wonder at the nature of sin, as well...

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