Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Blue Funk

Is deepening. I've had bouts of depression -- postpartum, after both kids, but never "out of the blue" like this. Maybe if I call it what it is, it will help: Depression. I'm depressed. (And yet there is still a part of me that goes "Yeah, but it will be over soon. Just grin and bear it." Can it be a real depression if I'm still thinking that?)

Headache, lethargy, task avoidance, lack of sleep. I couldn't think of a compelling reason to put my shoes on today. I stared at them for a while and tried to think of one. I finally did it when my daughter reminded me she was going to be late to school.

I think a part of it is the weather; a part of it is the heavy academic load; a part of it is never catching up with the housework; a part of it is missing my parents this time of year. The days are becoming shorter and the skies are grey. I don't take time to really worship anymore; it all becomes a task that I have to do, that I'm compelled to do.

We went to Wallyworld yesterday and the mere thought of buying more stuff to take care of wore me out.

Just Blue.

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