Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mid-Term Crunch

has begun early -- in all of my classes the instructors have said "hey, let's get the midterms out of the way early so that you can concentrate on your other class." This would work IF they ALL hadn't done it.

So this weekend I have to:
Write an hour long presentation about how the Bowen Family Systems Analysis can be used in a local congregation (with handouts and media) (Monday)
Do the Confirmation Class on Sunday morning (presentation and handouts already written, yeah!)
Do the Media for Worship (Sunday)
Read and study for Systematics Midterm (Wednesday)
Write a Proposal for Evangalism (Tuesday)
Read some more Billy Jimbo (William James) and write a paper (Wednesday)
Attend an all day long Worship Seminar on Saturday
Get my Emissions Inspection
Oh, yeah, clean the house and entertain my in-laws WHILE my LH is out of town on Friday and Saturday.

I'm telling myself "Breathe. One thing at a time. You can get sleep in Novemember."

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