Friday, October 13, 2006

Comfort stuff

(see following recipies)

Beverage: Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon, Merlot at night.
Chair: the horrible looking brown thing in the living room (think brown velveteen with duct tape (the kids call it the Lazy Butt chair)) or my big fluffy chair in my office.
Comfort Read: NOT Karl Barth. Or Billy Jimbo. Or any other theology dude. Or anything published by Alban or Orbis or... actually anything that is a murder mystery with a woman clergyperson.
Comfort TV: Law and Order. SOMEONE must have Law and Order in their life, right? Or ST: Enterprise. I heart Captain Archer. Or House or Gray's Anatomy.
Comfort Companions: I was craving snuggling my kids earlier -- they are fighting now. What WAS I thinking?? Top of the list? the Loving Husband.

Comfort to me is food. So, I am passing onto you my comfort recipies. Enjoy.

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