Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sitting in Evangelism

and thinking.

I've finished up with most of my academic tasks for the week and with the majority of the MediaShout for Sunday. I've only to read and reread "Dogmatics in Outline" for my exam in the morning.

I've been thinking about Evangelism, specifically how this medium can fulfill the Missio Dei. There are a few of us thinking about a conference called "The Internet is My Parish" -- how can we really do evangelism with this internet stuff?

I suppose you have to start with what Evangelism really is: what is a good working definition that would work with a medium that does not allow spreading the message in incarnational ways? On the web I found this definition for internet evangelism:

Any use of Internet technology to spread the Christian Gospel; through websites, chat rooms, news groups or via e-mail.

Huh. How can it really be Evangelism without being F2F?


I've been thinking a lot about the sex-scandals in Congress and children being killed in school. I have too much to say -- but none of it that hasn't already been said. I hear these things and then listen to happy-clappy music on the very same radio station and I ask myself why there seems to be such a disconnect? Where are the laments? The Psalms are half lament -- how come we are so stuck on the happy-clappy? Where has the lament in our music gone to? and Why?

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