Monday, October 16, 2006

Losing My Jesus

A couple of times a year, I get tired/overwhelmed/burned out to the point that I "lose my Jesus."

Madeline L'Engle called it a sort of "spiritual flu" that all who minister get occasionally -- and if you just get rest and take care of yourself, you get better. She also occasionally said she "came down with a case of atheism" on occasion and prescribed the same cure.

What's surprising to me is that I'm NOT as busy/overwhelmed/whatever as I have been in the rather recent past -- CPE was all that and I didn't come down with this spiritual flu. But I wonder if I've been running on spiritual adrenaline for so long that it was bound to happen.

I suppose it's part of the "pastor never taking sabbath" thing, too. I'm going to have to start doing the Morning Prayer discipline again and start going to Evensong on occasion. I get so TIRED of the happy happy joy joy type of worship.

So there you go. That's where I am right now.

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