Monday, October 02, 2006

Instead of Reading William James

(and in between reading) the Varieties of Religious Experience today, I have:

*washed several loads of laundry -- I've actually run out of bleach

*washed many items by hand -- esp. the vintage eveningwear from the 1950's and 1960's that's been in the garage for quite a while

*hung to dry three vintage quilts in the sunshine

*cleaned the bathroom

*washed three loads of dishes -- including the crystal that looked a little "greasy"

*polished two silver candlesticks and one silver bowl

*made great inroads to cleaning the Dining Room

*played around with the guitar

*read BBT's "Leaving Church"

*cleaned out the electronics drawer next to the sofa that has all the misc "electronics" stuff

*folded all the clothing and put it up

After all that (and in between all that ) I did indeed manage to read all my assigned readings but I have a conclusion:

William James is very good for the housework motivation factor.

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