Sunday, October 08, 2006

What I've Finished So Far

*Write an hour long presentation about how the Bowen Family Systems Analysis can be used in a local congregation (with handouts and media) (Monday) (Ok, half done, but definitely on the downhill slide)
*Do the Confirmation Class on Sunday morning (presentation and handouts already written, yeah!) completed
*Do the Media for Worship (Sunday) Completed except for the final run-through
*Read and study for Systematics Midterm (Wednesday)
*Write a Proposal for Evangalism (Tuesday) all done except for the formatting and printing out
*Read some more Billy Jimbo (William James) and write a paper (Wednesday)
*Attend an all day long Worship Seminar on Saturday DONE
*Get my Emissions Inspection -- oops. But I did get my driver's license renewed
*Oh, yeah, clean the house and entertain my in-laws WHILE my LH is out of town on Friday and Saturday. As done as it's gonna get.

I also
Bought food and put a pot roast in the crock pot
Purchased ingredients for Baklava
Remembered to get FIL a B'day cake
Got some sleep

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