Monday, October 23, 2006

The Unexpected

It started out a small, slightly yellow plant
In my well ordered garden.
Marshaled into strict geometries
Even the flowing vines of the clematis
Were reined into submission

All in order, all planned, all serene and peaceful.
My hand hovered over the small little volunteer
Ready to weed it out as I had weeded others.
But for some reason, I hesitated. I decided
To wait and see what it could be.

The leaves soon became a delicious shade of
Chartreuse – deep yellow green, sharply indented and fuzzy.
I realized that a tomato seed must have survived the
Compost heap and germinated against all the odds,
Became vigorous and thrived.

Soon it sprawled all over the bed and I decided
Not to stake it up – choosing instead to let it express
Its self and its nature.
Soon it had over-run the bed, pushing out of the way
The sedum, clematis and lamb’s ears.

Again I debated taking an axe to the trunk,
Ripping it out by the roots
Smothering it in the cradle
And yet
There were little yellow flowers and the possibility
Of life.

Tonight I had tomatoes on my salad
Unexpected fruit from a plant I didn’t plant
Life I didn’t anticipate
A garden I didn’t intend
Which yielded a harvest plentiful and generous.

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