Tuesday, April 01, 2008

staying up way late

the loving husband is fascinated by the idea of a theremin. we have found schematics and we have lots of the widgies and do-ma-hickies that we need in the basement. yeah, the widgies and do-ma-hickies have real names and numbers. and we have them. i feel a project coming on and it's one that will require a soldering iron. whoo hoo!

what to use for a case? (here's where i come in.) a baby-doll head? nah -- been done. vacuum tubes that glow and a lucite box? lots of extraneous l.e.d.s? getting interesting ... a knife box? i think i will scrounge for something. what shall the look be? sleek and mod or edwardian steam-punk antique? and think of what we can use for antennas! the bowling trophy -- a candlestick -- antique grillwork? this is going to be fun!

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