Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Wesley Memorial UMC in SL

Gavin visited the church in SL yesterday -- at 3:00 am! (Actually, I guess that was EARLY today.) I (of course) wasn't there -- I was in bed, asleep. However, I'm glad he went. The build is pretty cool right now. I see all the little boo-boos -- like a panel in which I have the wrong texture, but all in all, it's shaping up nicely.

He didn't visit the meetinghouse out back, though. Here's some pictures. This is the exterior. The inital concept was to have it look rather like Epworth rectory (the original one that burned) but I drifted away from that a bit. When we have an entire island (Aldersgate Island, of course), I will build something more historically accurate.

These are two snapshots of the interior. The first shows the loft with what I consider the prayer area. It has a place to kneel for solitary prayer and a circle around a bowl of candles for group prayer. I want to add a box where a person could place prayer requests -- it just takes time!

This second interior area is viewable from the prayer loft -- and contains our big screen TV. We hope to get the stream from GC2008 viewable from here -- so that we can watch it in community (even if you can't leave home) and engage in dialog about the issues.

I am in-world once a week for sure -- Mondays noon Eastern or 9:00 SL time. I have been leading a Lectionary Bible Study for a couple of months at this time in the Koinonia space. We haven't done any official meetings at Wesley Memorial -- we are still working on the concept. I also plan this week to be at the Wednesday night service at Koinonia. If you want to see the build, drop me an email or comment here. I'd love to talk with you.

Notes: John the Methodist started me thinking about all this, btw, with a posting he did about communion. I had explored Second Life and decided it was too complicated, but after his posting, started looking at this seriously as an new expression of church. And secondly, I am limiting my time in-world. This too easily can become an addiction -- and I am deliberately limiting myself so that it does NOT. And interesting concept, as many of the people in world are struggling with various forms of addiction. More about that later.

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