Friday, April 04, 2008

Theremin Diagram Take 4

I've added another wave tracing to better illustrate what happens when you add two sine waves of differing frequencies. I've added a basic explanation of what an electronic oscillator is -- two preliminary diagrams of a fixed oscillator (I may break these down further) and a very preliminary diagram of a variable oscillator. This circuit I've selected gives a very beautiful sine wave; but it's also difficult to work with. I added the antenna to the wrong spot; that will have to be fixed. However I may have to go back to the Hartley oscillator.

And near the middle, I've started collecting "piece-y parts." A 100k resistor, a matching capacitor, an Op Amp and a pair of coils (inductors). These are for illustrative purposes ONLY and do not represent the actual piece-y parts that I will be using.

This diagram is evolving the way it is because I am trying to explain all this to a 11 and 14 year old by breaking it down to it's smallest components.... More later.

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