Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Adventures in Theremin Design - Colpitts, take 3

This is Colpitts version 3; I'm not sure what happened to Colpitts version 2. I understand most of this and have put in a little "component" to represent everything (excepte the Zener diode). I'm not really sure about what a couple of the capacitors really do. We are going to select some values for the components, put it on the Protoboard and then build the Variable Frequency Oscillator.

I purchased the "Junior Theremin Kit" from Apogeekits. It looks like a good weekend project for the family. I'll take pictures as we go along.

The owner of the guitars I was going to trade in for a Moog Theremin (the oldest daughter) objected. So I think I will have to scratch together some money to purchase it. Ah, well.

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