Friday, April 25, 2008

Thou Protestest Too Much, Rabbit John

John the Methodist, of Locusts and Honey, has been blogging quite a bit in the recent years about Zombies, in fact 86 postings on the Zombie threat. Last week, he told us that we are never really safe from Zombies.

However, I have had my doubts about John's motivation for some time. Why would he not have us guard our homes and blogs as diligently as possible? With this in mind, I have obtained photographic evidence from Gavin that John the Methodist, the Bunny-Lover, is indeed himself a Zombie.

It took quite a bit of detective work and special filters to un-mask his devilish disguise, but you can see for yourself the rotting flesh, grotesque veining and green pallor.

Beware of taking Zombie safety information from this man! Every blogger should watch their own back!

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