Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Preliminary Theremin Design

So, before I drop mega bucks on a Moog Theremin, I think we will build one. The youngest is intrigued by the idea -- it might be a good daddy/kid project that might actually morph into a Science Fair project.

I am (of course) concerned with design. Not only should it sound good, it should LOOK good. Or at least entertaining. I am taking Oloryn's suggestion at using a Budgie trophy (of which we have a dozen or more) for the pitch antenna, and rickety old end table for a stand, a film reel for a volume antenna and a wooden jewelry box for the circuit board. I get this:

You must admit, it is entertaining looking. I think we will have to solder/weld a longer antenna on the Budgie's head. We shall see. I'm designing the circuit board now to etch -- in Photoshop, of course. Goody! We get to play with acid! Or perhaps we should build on a breadboard first, get the design right and then etch a board....

Other thingys on my list (to find in the basement):
Capacitors, Resistors, Potentiometers, Semi-Conductors, Chokes, IC sockets, breadboard and whatnot. I think maybe I should build something that just squeaks alittle first. The idea of having the Budgie Trophies "sing" amuses me.

A simplified diagram of how a Theremin works:

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