Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Bullets

  • I missed my SL Lectionary Group yesterday, because I went to a meeting instead. I think I'll sit with the scriptures this morning. I really did miss that time!
  • Sunday was my last Sunday at New Hope. I will be attending Grayson and helping out there until I get an appointment of some sort.
  • I'm still sorting books (probably will be for a while). I'm on Fiction D-E-F. There are days where I fling books merrily into the "sell, trade or donate" box. There are days where I stop, "hmmm. I don't remember this book." and then start to read. I need more the the former and less of the latter.
  • I made a very brief presentation about the Second Life Methodist build at my District Committee of Ordained Ministry. There were some very excited people. After General Conference, I am going to go to Conference office and see if I can make the build more "official."
  • I've also been in contact this week with a prof at George Fox University as well as Len Sweet: both are interested in the SL Council of Churches and Len is interested in an official Methodist presence as well. Scot and I will be announcing a "summit" to brainstorm with some of the church leaders in SL. So this is actually two projects: Aldersgate Island and the SL Council of Churches.
  • I am going to spend some time today pulling together some statistics for our conference statistician for Annual Conference. Oh how I love to do statistics!
  • I have found something for the Birdie to sit on for my "Singing Budgie" Theremin -- an old candlestick. The LH built the Colpitts oscillator; I may have to put way loads more inductance on the antenna. It's not going to be very sensitive the way it is.
  • Johnny Cat was bad this morning and voided his bladder in inappropriate places. So he doesn't get any cuteness on the blog for a while.
  • This Friday, I'm up for a belt test. I think it's the orange belt; the LH thinks it's the yellow with white stripe. I think I'm right (of course!) but none-the-less, It's Friday night. We have another of those very busy weekends coming up; belt test, Girl Scout activities on Saturday with more Estate stuff; Sunday is church and then both girls are part of the GS Bridging ceremony. I don't think we have a lot scheduled for May -- Thank goodness!

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