Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I've very little time to blog

I'm still watching General Conference 2008 in Second Life. We have had many visitors -- I need to figure out how to do a guestbook. I have discovered that the simulation will only handle about 10 people with streaming video and about 15 with just audio. However, I've had probably about 50 people drop by of various sorts; those I know from Real Life, Second Life, the Methoblogsphere, the Conference, readers of this blog and people from my email address book. It's been good.

Highlights: what Gavin is calling Cell-phone-gate, all the discussion about the Central Conferences, not as much as I would anticipate about other things.

It has made me wonder if we are going to split -- not along the human sexuality issues as one would think, but the US of A conferences split from the International conferences. There are fundamental differences; the US is so individualistic -- other conferences, not so much. This really causes all sort of things to play out so differently.

More Later. I have to attend to Real Life for a while...

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