Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tuesday Bullets

  • Blogging will be light this week; lots to do and little time to do it in.
  • I'm sorting books again. One day, this job will be finished. Right now, it seems endless. As I cull and sort, I'm putting the books on the correct shelf. I've got "Fiction A" done and working on "B" and "C" right now. About half of the books are going into the bin to be 1) sold on Amazon 2) sold at the Bookstore 3) labeled for give away in hospital waiting rooms. The books I take to the hospital seem to just evaporate into thin air.
  • I'm sorting and ironing around 75 old vintage aprons that the LH and I found at his grandfather's house. I don't know exactly what to do with them after I launder, iron and fold. It's either the estate sale or eBay. Maybe both...
  • I've noted this before and it's still true. You always make a bigger mess when you try to clean up a mess. I had the downstairs suitable for company not too long ago -- now it looks as if a tornado ripped through. It just goes in cycles, I suppose. Still working on stuff reduction.
  • Kids are in testing this week -- the CRCTs. They are antsy about it. Both worry about "passing." The mommy is not worried. They will be fine.
  • Girl Scouts are coming to an end for the Summer, but there are meetings now twice a week until Entropy's bridging ceremony two weeks from now. Lots of the Mommy-mobile driving kids around.
  • I'm up for an Orange Belt in Karate at the end of the month. I suppose I need to go to Karate more often (as the LH does) but the schedule is just too tight right now.
  • To help the schedule, we've postponed Cello lessons for a while. Just a break and then we will go back during the summer when school can't compete. Chaos also want viola lessons this summer. So each will get an hour of instruction once a week... Entropy with Violin and Piano, Chaos with Cello and Viola. I'm going to start practicing more often as well.
  • I want a Theremin. I went to Galaxy Music and 1) the clerk couldn't be bothered to wait on me and 2) they didn't have any. I didn't fit the profile of "musician" I suppose. Just a few minutes later I went into the GameStop and the clerk was very polite -- and I purchased a game and put two other on preorder. Customer service makes all the difference.
  • So, I'm looking for the Theremin cheap somewhere...
  • Theremin building is on hold for the moment, as is Theremin design. I've got to get other stuff out of the way this week...
  • And I am preaching this week on the 1 Peter 2 text. I need to spend time pondering it, as I've not used it before.
  • The SL church is coming along. I was kicked off a Christian organization this week because I don't fit their concept of "Christian." They have a hard time processing the fact that I will "hang" with a group they consider sinners and that I'm a woman who dares to lead a church. Wow. So What Would Jesus Do? Kick them out!! (of course) -- this is sarcasm, dear readers.
  • Johnny Cat was the best Christmas present anyone could ever get. I love my Johnny Cat.

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