Monday, July 04, 2005

Comments not working

On blogger, again. So here's a comment for St. Casserole.

I love real china and silver. And iced tea with crystal glasses is so very special. We purchase the "good stuff" and then pull it out only on special occasions. The older I get (ancient now, I assure you =o) ) I realize that every occasion is a special occasion. I have been to 5 funerals in the last 3 and a half weeks and will be attending another on Wednesday. The people varied in ages from 18 to 93 -- with every age and station in life in between well represented.

So, go ahead and use the good stuff. There will never be a better occasion. Yes, it may break and you may have to polish the silver afterwards. I use my good stuff all the time -- even if it is to eat pizza in the living room with the family. I suppose it has to do with my sacramental view of our time at the table -- and my obsession with the "Last Supper" images. Life itself is too fleeting and ephemeral to *not* use the good stuff.

An aside:

Of course, the Loving Husband who is usually the person to wash up says "use disposable... life's too short to spend washing dishes..."

Combine the two and it's "use the good stuff and then throw it away..." Hmmm.... I don't think so.

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