Wednesday, July 20, 2005


We have recently discovered that our home is infested with dragons. Thankfully, the local branch of the Secret and Ancient Society of Dragonologists (S.A.S.D) has discovered their lair under the dining room table. Dragons are becoming increasingly rare in these parts of Georgia and so the intrepid explorers are very interested in conservation and preservation of natural dragon habitats. However, I did reclaim certain items from the lair -- my wedding rings and my watch among others. The dragons that are living in the dining room seem to have an affinity for glittery things. I will allow them to nest with the costume jewelry and silverplate. Oddly enough, they also have an affinity for things ecclesial. I have removed the communion cups and plates from the lair, along with the reversible stoles and a surplice. One must wonder why this strange attraction to things "churchy" -- could they be Christian dragons? Nonetheless, I will allow the stack of Bibles with gold glittery edges as long as the dragons continue to treat them respectfully. Perhaps they are literate dragons.

There are three eggs in the nest -- they look rather like balloons covered with paper maiche and tempera paint. This could be protective coloring so that the eggs can lay undisturbed. I must assume that this is a breeding pair of dragons. The local chapter of the S.A.S.D. is pleased that the species will continue. An offering of raw flesh and bone* was placed on a convenient rock to allow the mother to feed the young as soon as they hatch. We will be watching and drawing in our journals to chronicle these unfolding events.

Loot recovered from the Dragon's Lair. One must wonder why dragons needed the thread and needles -- do they have mending? And an open hymnal -- open to 'The Lone Wild Bird in Lofty Flight.' Is this evidence that dragons are related to other flying species? Could they actually be avian?

* made of quilting batting stained with food coloring and sticks painted white.

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