Wednesday, July 20, 2005

trivial stuff

36 years ago today, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Seems like half a lifetime ago because, uh, it *was* half a lifetime ago.

Logic by a 9 year old, overheard in the living room, during a thunderstorm:
You should not wear doorknobs on your hat or head during thunderstorms because they would act like lightening rods.
Mars wouldn't have hurricanes because Mars has no water. There used to be water on Mars, but not now. But there are two minerals on Mars that can be only created by water. Therefore, Mars used to have hurricanes.
Umbrellas should not have metal in them because you might use them in a thunderstorm and they will act like lightening rods. Nor should they be topped by doorknobs. Never put doorknobs on your umbrellas.
Umbrellas would be safe to use on Mars, but they have no water and you wouldn't need them.
NASA tells us using the machines Spirit and RAT that there is no water on Mars. They have duststorms on Mars but no rain. Therefore there is no thunder on Mars. Thunder sounds kinda like Daddy's digestive system, but bigger.
There is some stuff I don't know and I know some stuff that I don't know where I learned it from. But I know it.

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