Saturday, July 23, 2005

Dragon Update

The local membership of the S.A.S.D. (the Secret and Ancient Society of Dragonologists) have discovered that one of the dragon eggs under the dining room table has hatched. The infant Dragon appears to not be of North American stock, but a red and green Northern European Forest Dragon. The local explorer of the S.A.S.D. is observing the behavior of the mother and baby dragon. The raw flesh and bone were consumed, as well as two Barbies and two lions from the meat compartment. The infant has been named Smauglybob. It appears to amuse itself by setting things on fire and chasing the sparks and soot that rise from the fire. Here is a picture of Smauglybob and explorer Entropy.

Seriously, I am going to work on my project. It's due, um, really really soon and I have to work on it. Really.

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