Saturday, February 26, 2005

And now...

for something completely different --
My husband and I have never really had to buy furniture. Most of what we have, we inherited. Cast offs from friends and family -- some of it Salvation Army Rejects (it's really bad when the Salvation Army won't pick it up.) Anyway, we got a Lazy-Boy recliner when we got married -- 18 years ago. My husband's grandmother said it was "brand new" -- we found the tag on the bottom dated 1970. Well the old recliner is really getting worn out from daily use (when she was little Entropy thought we were saying "Lazy Butt" chair, heh.) I need to go find/purchase a new chair. Too much looking at HGTV has caused me now to reflect "well, what kind and color?" Probably a really shallow question, but why not take a little time and energy to pick a good one -- knowing my husband and his tendencies, we'll have it for 30 years.

So what color and style? My living room has light gold walls (the color was called "Cookie Dough"), white trim, lots and lots of books, a Wedgewood Blue Oriental (for wedding presents, I got two of them from two different people -- and no blenders (which was the gift of the year)), two "Martha Washington" chairs in a Burgundy/Rose (that really don't match anything (but were bought off the set of "I'll Fly Away" staring Sam Waterston)), a Martha Washington in Blue/Green Tapestry, a Navy Leather couch, various small tables in a variety of styles (Queen Anne, Chippendale ripoffs, two real Stickley Mission tables, 2 medal case turned table -- one filled with rocks, one filled with feathers), a Duncan Fyfe 1940's copy buffet, which has antique radio, telephone turned lamp and Apothacary's case with stuff in it), lots of framed things on the walls. It's a really "busy" room, so I was thinking a solid color. But what color? the current chair is brown. Fits in well, but boring. So it should be either Navy, Wedgewood blue, burgundy or gold. I'm stuck. I'd post a picture, but the room is really, really messy right now.

I really like this, but will it be comfortable as the old chair -- lots of hard wood on this baby. But it would fit in well. Especially with navy leather.

In navy leather, this would exactly match my leather sofa -- and it comes with the "airspa" features -- heat and massage (mmmm...yeah), but the style is boring. And that much blue leather would be .... boring.

And I really like this one. The style is really nice. I love the club-chair look and this one looks like it would last 30 year. Hmmm... decisions, decisions. The final choice is to fetch the antique Morris Chair out of storage and spend the money and have it restored. But I don't know what it really looks like under all the upholstery.


St. Casserole said...

We seldom buy furniture, either. We inherited, found by the side of the road, bought with the house or I've found it at garage/estate sales.
Several years ago, I bought a NEW leather recliner. Took me ages to find a recliner that didn't look like a recliner. Most are so ugly.
The last picture you posted looks like ours. The LH plops into it daily and finds it comfortable. Leather is cool in summer, snuggly in winter.
BTW, a pal killed his cat accidently by closing up his recliner without knowing kitty was under it. Horrible story but needs to be told. Andy sat under the recliner once until I blasted him with threats and this story.

Jay Voorhees said...

I vote for either 1 or 3.

Michael said...

I like the mission style.

Take Care

Theresa Coleman said...

hmmm.... Number 3 was snuggly and comfy. Number 1 was very large. DH husband votes for Number 2 -- and I did try it out. It's not very stylish, but.... I sat in it for 20 minutes as it heated and massaged and vibrated and oo la la. Yes. I slid out of it and onto the floor and then oozed into the car for the ride home. Why can they not make stylish comfortable?